10 Institutes to Study an Online MBA

Do you want to complement your university education with a master’s degree in business administration or MBA? Can you pursue your studies challenging modality or do not feel identified with that system? Meet 10 of the best institutes in the world that allow you to study different MBA programs online.

IE Business School
Located in Madrid, Spain, it has been recognized as one of the world’s best business schools. It offers MBA programs in the areas of Management, Finance, Marketing, and Research, and in face-to-face, full-time or part-time, and mixed modalities.

According to the Financial Times, global MBA is considered the best master in an online format in the world. It includes training through discussion forums and videoconferences, accompanied by short face-to-face periods. It is taught exclusively in English and lasts for 15 months.

Global Executive MBA: aimed at high-level executives seeking to deepen their business management knowledge, it offers face-to-face and online classes. It is available only in English and lasts for 15 months.

Executive MBA: there are two modalities, the mixed-mode in English, which lasts 15 months, and the mixed or face-to-face mode in Spanish, which involves 10-13 months, of course.

IE-Brown Executive MBA: with face-to-face periods and online training, it combines IE’s prestige in the business area with Brown University’s excellence in the field of humanities and social sciences. Available only in English, it lasts for 15 months.

IE-SMU MBA: This is a joint initiative of the school with the Singapore Business University. It combines theory and practice to show a vision of the Asia-Pacific markets, evaluating their strategies and organizational culture. It is available in English only and lasts for 13 months.

Here you can find all the information about each program’s applications and financing; you have to select the one that interests you.

2.Warwick Business School
It offers distance MBA programs that you can complete between 2 and 4 years, including finance, Economics, Marketing, and management.

The programs comprise eight compulsory modules, four electives, and a consulting project, where each module involves 30 academic hours, 40 hours of guided self-study, and 30 hours of independent self-study.

One of its significant advantages is you can access their professional networks, which include:

Entrepreneurship network.

Financial network.

Global Energy Network.

Life and Health Sciences Network.

Professional Network of Women.

Strategy and Consulting Network.

Technology network.

To access their programs online, you must register on the page to fill out the online application form. You can access the funding and financing information here.

Isenberg School of Management
It has full-time, part-time and online MBA programs in Administration and Public Policy, Sports Management, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

The requirements for admission are:

Postgraduate application.

Personal Essay.

The Official transcripts of all attended universities.

Two letters of recommendation.



TOEFL score, if applicable.

Application fee: $ 75.

Find here the information about tuition and financial aid to take this MBA online.

Warrington College of Business
It offers online MBA programs for the areas of Internationals, Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, which can be completed in 1 or 2 years.

The 2-year program is available to any bachelor’s degree, and students have the opportunity to select four electives in a specific area to gain focus within their MBA courses. They can also choose the format of those courses, which can be:


One Week: Allows you to attend the Gainesville campus for one week to complete the course, rather than four months with online classes.

Global Immersion Experience: allows you to participate in a week-long international study trip as part of the MBA experience.

In this link, you can learn more information about this MBA program.

The 1-year program is a more accelerated course, recommended for those who have a degree in business and have graduated in the last seven years. Those enrolled in the Outreach Engineering Management program at the University of Florida can also apply for this option.

As with the 2-year MBA program, students can select four electives in the same formats mentioned above. Find out more information here.

Kelley School of Business
Its online MBA programs cover Business Law and Ethics, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, and Project Management.

This institute also offers an AGILE elective course per term, almost always in conjunction with other business schools worldwide. Students can access global centres of emerging economic opportunities such as Gaborone, Sao Paolo Beijing, New Delhi, Myanmar and Johannesburg.

One of its MBA programs’ advantages is that only 39 of the 51 credit hours required correspond to compulsory classes. The rest can be classes of your choice that adapt to your professional focus and interest.

If you are interested in this institute, you can apply to one of its online MBA programs here.

Durham Business School
It has an online MBA program with a duration of 2 years and part-time, which involves:

Five main modules cover the areas of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Personnel Management and Management, Marketing, Operations and Technology, and Strategic Management.

Two optional modules cover Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation, Management Consulting, Project Management, Business Analysis, Technological Innovation and International Business in Context.

Strategic Case Analysis involves putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the previous modules, in a project of relevance to the student.

This institute also offers a kind of online summer school, bringing together students from around the world and allowing them to take two optional modules and be part of an extensive menu of self-advancement workshops.

Here you will find information about the scholarships and financing of this institute.

To apply to their MBA program online, you need to register on their website before applying.

Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business
It offers an online MBA program for careers in Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Health Administration, Sustainability, Business Innovation, High Tech Management and International Management.

Also, by opting for this program, you can participate in optional national and international residency courses. One of the advantages is that it does not require a GRE or GMAT.

You can obtain information about any of their online MBAs here, select the area that interests you and answer the questions that the system will ask you.

University of Nebraska – Lincoln
It offers online MBA programs for Business, Engineering, Sciences, Journalism, Architecture, among others. It provides a period of up to 10 years for its completion, although most students achieve it in 3 or 4 years.

The requirements to apply to any of its courses are:

Bachelor’s degree.

GMAT or GRE score.

Three references.

Personal statement.

Professional curriculum.

TOEFL exam, in case of being an international student.

On the other hand, this institute provides loans and different financial aid types to pursue your MBA.

If you are interested in applying to the program, you can do it here.

North Carolina State University: Jenkins
It offers an online MBA program in Biosciences Management, Entrepreneurship and Technological Marketing, Financial Management, Innovation Management, Marketing Management and Supply Chain Management.

You can choose between taking an accelerated or flexible program, to obtain your degree in just 21 months or up to 6 years. Also, you have the opportunity to start the program either in autumn or spring, and you can complement your online courses at a convenient time within the deadlines established by each teacher.

This course’s particularity requires two residencies of 3 days each at the NC State main campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, which can only be omitted by the active-duty military, who can replace them with other elective courses.

To access any of its courses, you need to register on the university’s website.

Drexel University: Lebow
This institute offers an MBA program, which can be accelerated or flexible, for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Finance, Health Management, and Marketing, among others.

The accelerated online MBA lasts 24 months, part-time, with on-campus residency and optional international residency.

On the other hand, the flexible online MBA allows you to complete the degree in 3.5 years and offers an international residency option.

If you want to apply to any of the courses, visit their website.

Now that you know some of the best institutes in the world where you can study an MBA online, it is time to take your professional experience to the next level.

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