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GP 3 GB Internet 108TK – Grameenphone 3GB Internet Offer

Grameenphone Bangladesh Powerful Telecommunication Mobile Operator Company. If You think that GP Internet offers to Purchase Grameenphone Website, Than you are in the Right Place. Grameenphone Can Now buy 3 GB Internet Package at 108 TK. This offer can be Used by Any Grameenphone Customer at 108 TK Recharge.

If You Want to buy the offer Again and Again, the Internet will be added to your previous internet offer and the Total Validity of this is 7 Days. Grameenphone 3 GB internet package os Useful for use in (Day-Night) 24 hours.

Dial *121*3344# to Activate 3GB Data Bundle Package offer.  We Know More about GP Internet offer And GP Minute offer Click Now. If You want to Cancel this offer from GP,  than Dial *121*3041#. To Check GP 3 GB Internet data, Dial *121*1*4#.

GP 3 GB Internet Pack Detalis :

GP 3 GB Internet pack @108 Taka, To Activate prepaid SIM Operator

GP 3 GB Internet Offer Price 108 BDT Only

To Activate 3 GB Internet 108 Taka.

To Activate 3 GB Internet Pack Recharge Or Code  *121*3344#

This offer Validity: 7 Days.

This offer Cancel Code *121*3041#

To check Internet offer: *121*1*4#

The Price is Incncludive of SD, VAT and SC

GP All internet offer 2019:

5 MB2.5 BDT3 Days*121*3002#
85 MB37 BDT7 Days*121*3004#
115 MB56 BDT30 Days*121*3005#
350 MB31 BDT3 Days*121*3083#
555 MB149 BDT28 Days*121*3056#
1 GB89 BDT7 Days*121*3056#
1.5 GB108 BDT 7 Days 
1538 MB239 BDT30 Days*121*3027#
2GB54 BDT3 Days*121*3242#
2 GB (1GB vanilla & 1GB Bioscope)96 BDT7 Days*121*3333#
2 GB229 BDT28 days 
3 GB108 BDT7 Days*121*3344#
3.5 GB289 BDT30 Days*121*3391#
5 GB399 BDT30 Days*121*3392#
5.5 GB (3GB 3G+2GB 4G)427 BDT28 Days*121*3010#
6 GB609 BDT28 Days*121*3012#
10 GB198 BDT7 Days*121*3133#
15 GB649 BDT30 Days*121*3393#
30 GB998 BDT30 Days*121*3394#
Whatsapp pack 26 MB2.5 BDT3 Days*121*3063#
Viber Video Pack2.5 BDT3 Days*121*3070#
Heavy Video Pack6 BDT3 Days*121*3020#
Facebook 3 Days1.5 BDT3 Days*121*3022#
Emergency data loan (12MB)5 BDT3 Days*121*3021#
Facebook 28 Days18 BDT28 Days*121*3024#
Facebook 7 Days6 BDT7 Days*121*3023#

If you have any problems in buying the offer, then send it down to the comment option below. We will try to solve your problem. Allah Hafiz will be good.

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