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GP Internet Offer 2021 – All Grameenphone Internet package

Bangladeshi Best Mobile operator Grameenphone recently published their new internet Package. Now GP Internet Offer 2019 Published. This name is GP 1GB internet offer 2019 only 21 taka and duration is Best 7 days its very interesting for simple data user but long days. GP Internet offer code *5020*3335#. This offer used of 3G, 4G network and Grameenphone 4G supper Internet offer Free Now. Really 7 days enough for Simple data user. Everybody Know that Grameenphone recently starts 4G internet and it’s just awesome really supper Fast internet for Bangladeshi People. So if you want best 1GB up internet only 21 Taka Recharge follow the message Below-

GP Internet offer 2019

gp internet offer
gp internet offer

If you are looking for GP Internet offer 2019 then read this post. Grameenphone is the leading telecom company of Bangladesh. According to the daily star report, it has more than 56 million subscribers. To serve their subscriber they are offering different types of facility regularly. These facilities include talk time facility, Internet bouns, free internet offers and internet offers. This post provides all the necessary information about GP internet offer / GP internet package/Grameenphone internet pack. Here is all about GP internet package 2019. All GP internet offer 2019 have been updated to this article. GP 1GB 11Tk offe

All Grameenphone internet package

We are creating a list from which you can find the offers you like. Here we are listing the offers, to give you all the new information. I would try all customers to update the GP Internet package list regularly. This list is just for me GP Internet Offer 2019 BD.

Pay As You Go2.5 BDT*121*3000#N/A
4 MB18 BDT*121* 3002#2 Days
35 MB37 BDT*121*3003#7 Days
75 MB56 BDT*121* 3004#7 Days
100 MB149 BDT*121*3005#30 Days
500 MB229 BDT*121*3007#28 Days
1.5 GB337 BDT*121*3027#28 Days
2 GB427 BDT*121*3009#28 Days
3 GB309 BDT*121*3010#28 Days
5 GB1157 BDT*121*3012#28 Days
10 GB1522 BDT*121*3013#28 Days
12 GB2436 BDT*121*3014#28 Days
20 GB86 BDT*121*3015#28 Days
1 GB104 BDT*121*3056#7 Days
1.5 GB129 BDT*121*3044#7 Days
4 GB179 BDT*121*3084#7 Days
250 MB31 BDT*121*3038#3 Days
Whatsapp pack 20MB2.5 BDT*121*3063#1 Days
Viber 20 MB pack6 BDT*121*3070#1 Days
Daily Heavy Video Pack5 BDT*121*3020#1 Days
Emergency data loan(10MB)5 BDT*121*3021#2 Days
Facebook 1 Day1.5  BDT*121*3022#1 Days
Facebook 7 Day6 BDT*121*3023#7 Days
Facebook 28 Day18 BDT*121*3024#28 Days

GP 300 MB Bouns

Now you can enjoy the MB bonus. If you make 45 minutes Speak day, you will receive 1MB per minute for mobile Talktime. One person can enjoy a maximum of 5 MB in one call. If you want to activate this amazing offer * 121 * 1410 #. Offer validity: 3 days.

Now GP will get 350 MB internet available for 20 Tk. To activate this offer, dial * 121 * 5102 # and 4 days to validate the offer. This offer is available for a limited time.

GP 5 TK 500 MB

Here I will tell you about amazing offers at very low prices and you will get 5 Taka 500 MB internet. To purchase this offer you will need to accept certain conditions such as: – You can purchase this offer one time at a time. So dial * 121 * 3805 # to activate this offer.

GP 1 GB 17 Taka

GP 1000 MB 17 Tk. You will get this offer (500 MB + 500 MB 4G). If you want to activate the offer go to the MyGP app. You can use it just from my MyGP app. 3 days validity of the offer.

GP 1 GB 50 Taka

We will talk to you about 1GB internet. GP1GB offer, GP1 GB20 Taka, GP1 GB 9 Taka, GP 1 GB Free Offer, GP 1 GB 50 Taka etc. We search for this offer in many cases. Here are the details about GP1GB internet offers

GP 19 Tk 1 GB

A user can buy 1 GB internet for 18 Tk. But this offer is valid for 3 days. The total cost to purchase this offer will be 18 bucks. Those looking for a lower offer GP offer can purchase this offer. You have seen that many times GP internet prices change. So this offer is being modified.

GP 1 GB 9 Tk

The most Feeling full offer is 1 GB 9 Taka. The lowest prices and the most available 1 GB. You can use this offer up to 4 times a user. This offer is valid for 28 days. If you would like to purchase the offer, dial * 5020 * 2217 #.

GP 1 GB 21 Tk

GP is recently updating the new offer for their customer. You can buy GP1 GB internet pack for 21 Tk. You can enjoy this offer at the same time. This offer is the new GP package which can get 21 Tk. You can dial * 121 * 5097 # to activate this offer.

GP 1 GB 30 Tk

GP offers 1.5 GB internet. Activate if interested. Dial * 121 * 3390 # to activate the offer. Validation time is 30 days. Those who know how to expand on the Internet offer purchase this offer.

GP 1 GB 189 Taka

This is another new offering from GP. You can activate this offer if you agree. Dial * 121 * 3390 # to activate the GP 1GB 189 Taka offer. If you are interested in this offer, you can activate this offer for 1 month. Validity: 30 days.

GP 1 GB internet offer 2019

Users search for this offer in many ways like GP 1GB internet offer. GP offer 1GB 20Tk, GP 1gb 5Tk, Gp igb offer 9Tk, GP free 1GB offer, GP 1gb 50tk , GP internet offer 1Gb 50TK, GP 1gb free and so many like this. Here are all details about GP 1gb offer, GP 1Ggb 86 Tk internet offer,GP 1gb 86tk offer.

Grameenphone Internet Offer 2019. Now get the Grameenphone for all internet packages. Grameenphone is the one-time network of Bangladesh. This offer can be enjoyed by Grameenphone all the customers. This offer allows Grameenphone subscribers to use 24 hours a day. All information available on Grameenphone Internet can be found here. Grameenphone Internet daily offers, weekly offers, monthly offers will be available. To check internet balance dial * 121 * 1 * 4 #. To get all the information, call 121.

Grameenphone Internet offer information:

Offer daily:

GP 1GB Internet offer
Now Grameenphone 1 GB internet pack at 22 Taka.
Activate to avail the offer * 121 * 5036 #
Offer duration: 16 hours
Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check Internet

GP 2 GB internet offer
Now, Grameenphone 2 GB internet pack is available at 44 takas.
This offer can be used by all customers in Grameenphone.
Activate to avail the offer * 121 * 3242 #
Offer duration: 3 days
Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check Internet

Weekly Internet Offer:

GP 1 GB internet offer
Now Grameen phone 1 GB internet pack is 9 taka.
The offer can be used from 4 October for those who have not yet been using the internet.
To receive the offer, dial * 121 * 5001 #, * 121 * 5005 #, * 121 * 5099 #
Offer duration: 7 days
Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check internet balance

Grameenphone 1 GB internet offer
Grameenphone 1 GB internet now is 86 taka
To avail this offer dial * 121 * 3056 #
Offer duration: 7 days
Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check Internet

GP 1.5 GB internet offer
Grameenphone 1.5 GB internet is now at 104 Tk
To avail this offer dial * 121 * 3344 #
Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check Internet
Offer duration: 7 days

Monthly Internet Offer:

Grameenphone is a telecommunications company in Bangladesh. We know there are many customers who are looking for GP monthly packages. But you already know that we offer this offer here. For those of you who are searching for information about GP Internet offers, you have come to the right place. We will present a list so that you can find out about all the monthly GP internet offers 2019 in this list. Find your easy offer from this list.

PackagePriceValidityActivation Code
1 GB189 BDT30 Day*121*3390#
1.5 GB239 BDT30 Day*121*3027#
3 GB289 BDT30 Day*121*3391#
5 GB399 BDT30 Day*121*3392#
15 GB649 BDT30 Day*121*3393#
30 GB998 BDT30 Day*121*3394#

Grameenphone 1 GB internet offer

Grameenphone Internet Offer 2019
Grameenphone 1 GB internet pack offer can be enjoyed by all customers. GP 1 GB internet price at 189 Tk recharge.
Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check Internet
Dial * 121 * 3390 # to activate the offer.
1 GB Internet validity: 28 days

GP 3GB internet offer
GP 3G internet offer is 279Tk
Duration of offer: 28 days
Dial * 121 * 3391 # to activate the offer.
Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check Internet

Grameenphone 5GB internet offer
Grameenphone 5GB internet offer will cost 399Tk.
To activate the offer, dial * 121 * 3392 #
Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # to check Internet

GP 1gb internet offer 2019

Users search for this offer in many ways like GP 1GB internet offer. GP offer 1GB 20Tk, GP 1gb 5Tk, Gp 1gb offer 9Tk, GP free 1GB offer, GP 1gb 50tk, GP internet offer 1Gb 50TK, GP 1gb free and so many like this. Here are all the details about GP 1gb offer.

gp 1gb offer
gp 1gb offer

GP 4G Internet offer

Have you already replace your 2G/3G GP sim to 4G, before relacing get to know about GP 4G internet offer. If any customer replaces his/ her 2G or 3G sim 4G then he/she will be eligible for 4G SIM Replacement offer. For replacing their sim from 3G to 4G they get hGB 4G data pack. This data pack is eligible for 7 days ( activation day+ 6 days). it has no auto renewal feature. Customer can get this offer for only one time. With this 5GB data, the customer also can enjoy 1.5GB 2G or 4G data at free of cost for the next 7 days.

GP Night Pack Offer

As many of you may not know, GP Night offers packages. Then you get the GP 1GB Night Package for 30 bucks. 3 SMS free with 1 GB internet offer. Not all customers will be able to receive this offer! Dial * 121 * 3843 # to Code activate the offer. The Validity of this package: 14 days. Please enjoy another offer of GP 2 GB internet. The total cost to buy this offer is 36 Taka. 1 GB Internet Validity 7 days and the remaining 1 GB meadow 24 hours. Dial * 5020 * 2214 # to buy the offer.

Anyone can buy this offer. You can enjoy this offer 104 GB 1.6 GB + 500 MB Facebook package. 7 days validity of the offer and dial * 121 * 3842 # to activate the offer. Here is another night package offer for 61 Tk. You can use this offer from 12 am to 10 pm. The duration of this offer is 7 days. Dial * 121 * 3069 # to activate the offer customer.

General information about internet packs:

  • Internet packs can be enabled through USSD, SMS, IVR, MEGP, ESSNET, OOO Box, Customer Service, GP Website and other authorized channels of Grameenphone.
  • Automatically renewing an Internet pack, OFF launches OFF by default (without BS prepaid and postpaid subscriber). But subscriber can turn on the activation of the package or the auto-renewal feature.
  • To activate the automatic renewal option after package activation, SMS to 25000 or dial * 121 * 3042 #. Customers can also stop auto-generation by sending “SMS” to 2500 or dial * 3034 #.
  • To check internet balance, dial * 121 * 1 * 4 #
  • Every internet pack expires (volume or validity), highest payable tax rate of 506 rupees (included) VAT, SD, and SC).
  • Unless the customer purchases the same in the valid validity period or successful auto-renewal, the unused data volume will be borne.
  • Auto-renewal of the Internet package will take place based on the volume or validity that fissures will end (customer with only auto-renewal consent)
  • To cancel your internet package, dial * 121 * 3041 #
  • If there is a low volume, using multiple applications simultaneously, this may be an additional usage fee, so close the application before moving on to the other side
  • To enjoy high Internet speed, the customer needs to use the 3G enabled phone and stay in 3G network
  • The average possible speed depends on multiple factors such as a handset, website visit, distance from BTS, time of telling etc.
  • Internet volume purchased from a campaign pack will be used before purchasing Internet volume from a regular Internet pack.
  • I Hope that Guys this offer will be the best offer for All Grameenphone user.  So Active this offer Enjoy. If you have any problem to buy this offer please feel free to comment below we are to Help you all the time.
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